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No streaking and no skinny-dipping

October 15, 2017

Today we ventured out of Bowness and went to the land of winter (Banff)! Sarah and I (Elena) are writing this as we drive home.


It was our first house retreat of the year! The goal of the day was to spend some quality time together and reconnect, as well as to have some conversations about house and its vision. Here are some of the highlights: We used Megan’s phone as a talking stick so we could record everything we said and go back over it later. We got separated and lost a few times, we had a winter picnic at lunch.


Went to the CANDY STORE! We got free food at the library: salad, bread, and fruit! “Nourish our bodies and our minds” – Liam (he is in the car too). (editor’s note : He also said, “It’s library salad. It’s full of olives and knowledge.”)


Then we sort of got kicked out the library. Next we went to the Banff Center and Sarah carried Emily the whole way up the hill *sarah is super strong* Jade gave us a sweet insiders tour, including the pottery and plant room which is Sarah’s definition of heaven. Then we had a second meeting at the Maclab in the Banff Centre. Awesome view and comfy couches. We had a second good meeting where we freely shared our thoughts, feelings, and talked about the future of the house. Folks, the future is bright!

We ended the day in the magical world of Christmas! Even though it was suggested to go streaking or skinny dipping at the hot springs we did not, next time I guess! (editor’s note : One house member in particular had a lot to say about the “Oppressive rules of outlawing nudity” at the hot springs.) Great day!


Coming up next at the House of Commons: We have a house concert! Joshua Hyslop will be enchanting us with his musical prowess on the Oct 22! 7 PM! Please come and bring your friends!

We also have a new roommate moving in November, so stoked! There is still space for more roommates though, so if you know anyone feel free to send them our way!

Thursday night dinners: Everyone is always welcome!

Also feel free to just come over and hang out with us!

That’s all for now!


Sarah and Elena (Sarena)

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