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Dumpster Jesus Saved Me

September 8, 2017

Editor’s note : I asked Liam to write a blog for September. After I had asked him to do it approximately 52 times, he said he “couldn’t think of anything to write.” Thus, I interviewed him, and this is almost the direct transcription of that interview. Most of it is taken out of context, and I laughed to myself a lot when I was writing it. Would I say too much? Not here. But home alone in my pyjamas with a box of chardonnay, who knows what I say?

I am Liam. I’m 32. I moved into the house a month ago. I’m from Barrhead. I was born there. This is just how I talk! I grew up in the Calgary/Okotoks area. I’m 32!

I love the show Bones, X-Files, watching the Office, annoying Megan, and lounging.

Ok, so let me tell you – I was friends with Steph. Still am. And I remember this house starting, back in 2008, and then I wasn’t allowed in it. LOOK AT ME NOW.

I wanted to live at the house because I love Megan. Just my love of Megan. My obsession with Megan.

I don’t find living at the house difficult. Except for I’m not allowed to sleep in my underwear on the couches anymore. There is a lot of responsibility and it might not be for everyone – but the amount of responsibility doesn’t bug me. It makes me furious. It makes me want to rage out every day. No, if you’re into serving people it’s great and you get to learn about consensus based decision making and compromise. And when we’re gonna get our Nintendo 64. (Editor’s note : We are not getting a Nintendo 64.) I think it’s good for anyone who’s into serving their community, and it’s affordable.

My favourite part of living at the house is Megan. Actually it’s Sarah. My love of Sarah. And Elena. And I’m living with Hamish! Hamish is my best pal. And my serious favourite part is service to the community. I don’t know why I care about service to the community. That’s too complicated to put on a blog! When you serve the community, you feel less alienated. I think intentional community is the natural state of humans. But I wanted to live at the house mostly because I’m obsessed with Megan.

I am enjoying living at the house – so far, so good. Although this is my second time. I’ve lived here before. I’ve been around the block. Also we have apple TV. And live next to a sweet dumpster.

Living in intentional community is good, it’s hard for some people but if you’re willing to have lots of tough conversations and have thick skin you can do it. I had to have thick skin because I worked in a group home. Don’t put that in the blog, it’s depressing. You have to have a lot of tough conversations with people – you just have to deal with stuff. That sounds negative, but you learn a lot of conflict resolution. I’m just writing nice things for the blog.

Jesus is all right with me. I am neutral on religion. I think you could take anything and make it terrible or great, and I think most people are good. I think Christianity has been abused, but with the right people and the right mentality it’s great. I mean, Satanism is hip, but…..also Anita is not an evil witch. Anita’s like a very nice evil witch.

I would like to tell you about my new friend Dumpster Jesus. He is the real Jesus, and not like Trump’s Jesus. Dumpster Jesus loves everyone. I found him in the dumpster. He’s my religious icon that I found from the dumpster. (Editor’s note : Dumpster Jesus is a picture of Jesus that Liam found in the dumpster and then unceremoniously hung up in the living room). Today Dumpster Jesus blessed me with an unwrapped wi-fi. I love you Dumpster Jesus.

I hope I don’t offend anyone….too much.

We need new roommates! We want so many roommates and so much friendship. Just jam everyone together. One big mostly happy family.

We have house shows coming up in September and October. You should probably come. Bring money. And we might have a November house show, but that’s to be released. It depends on me. It’ll have age appropriate music. For everyone. Maybe Anita will play it. If we’re lucky. Anita Pita. We have community dinner every Thursday, everyone’s invited.

I would also like our readers to know that capitalism is a lie. It’s not the natural state of living. We’re not made to just acquire material goods. We’re made to connect with the community.


Love Liam

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  1. Steph permalink
    September 8, 2017 4:38 am

    This… Fantastic. Just fantastic.

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