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Hi people who like to read blogs. It’s me, Matthias.

March 1, 2017

Here comes a small introduction to me, the fourth newest member of The House of Commons (including Willow the puppy), and how I came to live in The House Of Commons.

So I am from this wonderful place called Gronau in Germany. When I was 22 I moved to India for 3 years to live in a community with sick people who were experiencing homelessness.



My time in India changed my life in many ways. One of the things that changed was that through living in a community with around 100 people, I realized that even though I thought before I would prefer living alone or at least with only very few people, I actually enjoyed living with a lot of people more than I enjoyed living with fewer people. I also think this is not just a personal thing but more a human thing. I would still consider myself introverted but there is something in our design that draws us into community. God is a community, in him/herself and we are made in God’s image. We can also think of us as humanity, as God’s body… Now if we think about a body, we don’t really see all the body cells first, we see the whole thing and it’s all connected.

Anyways… I met Alessa in India who told me about this community that she lived in before she moved to Delhi. Over the next few months,  we realized that we would like to spend more time together than just those few months, and since Alessa had to go back to Calgary, I followed her a year later to Canada. Around that time I was thinking about going to a ministry school and one of Alessa’s friends was leading exactly the kind of school that I was interested in, so I went there and moved into The House of Commons after my school was done.

What else I like… theology, gardening, football (the one where you actually use your feet), board games

Soo that’s maybe enough about me for now.

Also… if you are interested in living with me and my fantastic roommates, please email us at or contact us any other way.



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