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December 31, 2016

It really seems like everyone hated 2016 with a venemous hostility akin to that of the Gaston-Beast relationship in the 1991 animated cinematic classic Beauty and the Beast.


2016. And us.

Are we Gaston or the Beast in this metaphor? Whatever. It doesn’t matter. The important thing to dwell on here was that it wasn’t all bad, and had its highlights just like having

Highlights of HOC 2016

  Kate got pregnant and birthed Sweet Hazel
  Steph lived with us for 8 months
  Sarah started dating Skyler who mowed our lawn and baked us treats
  Kate & Jesse & Maren lived with us
  New friends came over for dinner and became part of our community
  Successful Christmas dinner with lots of presents
  Increased our garden (indoor and out)
  Acquired one helpful german (red-haired variety)
  Paul got married
  We got a piano and Megan started re-taking piano lessons and drove everyone crazy
  Published in an intentional community book
  Jon Bryant fundraiser for Fort Mac
  Clap Your Hands Say Yeah house show
  Megan & Steph’s 30th birthday parties
  One of our guests, Andrew, spent his last day of life with us
  Anytime we had brunch

HONOURARY MENTION : The timely advent of Jason Zelling

Now it is 2017! (In two days.) Upwards and onwards!

We are thinking of starting a newsletter. If you’re interested in being on the list to receive it – but don’t want to post your email in a public place – email us at . We are thinking it’s going to be a collaborative piece, so that you’ll be able to hear from all of us as opposed to hearing from just Megan. Although  hearing from “Just Megan” is, I’m sure, an opportunity many would kill for.

We have two new roommates joining us! If you check out our newly updated About Us page, you’ll be able to read a (very little) bit about them. I don’t need to tell you how giddy with excitement we are that they’ll be joining us. We still have room for two or more roommates, so if you or anyone you know of is interested, please drop us a line at

Here are a few pictures from our respective Christmasses!


I did not know, before i agreed to this, that my uncles were Scrabble high rollers. I lost. Badly.


Me and my brothers, who kept saying, “Don’t let Megan take a picture of us, she’s just gonna blog about it!” I was very indignant at these aspersions cast upon my character, but you see they weren’t wrong. That’s why I’m laughing.


Thanks to Skyler, this is the year the Mills got a family photo with everyone present


So noble. So picturesque. So….willing to have their photos taken. What would that be like, I wonder?


I do not know who these people are. I am going to assume that this is Alessa and (some of) her family at Christmas time. I see Trish in there, so it stands to reason. Also, they all seem very young. Where are your elderlies?


I couldn’t find any pictures of Matthias and his family so here is a family photo of the Weasleys. Who are also red-haired, although significantly less German.

EDITOR’S NOTE : Here is a more accurate portrayal of Matthias’s Christmas. Not as magical, but more accurate.


Note to Self : Keep “Not as magical, but more accurate” as the title of your memoirs


HOC Christmas 2016!!!!

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