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Soul Inspiring Mac & Cheese at The House of Commons

June 13, 2015

Last Thursday night dinner, we had the pleasure of meeting a lovely local blogger who came and blessed us by making a wonderful diner!!!
Check out what she wrote.

Secret Diary MOM

Walking into “The House of Commons”  I felt a sense of peace come over me. I was greeted by Alessa who was in the Garden helping some Bowness residents water their growing food plots. Her energy was peaceful and light. I was shown into the kitchen where we searched for the groceries that were on the list. Not finding exactly what I had planned I started to look around and see what I could improvise with. We chatted as she pulled things from cupboards and asked ” will this work?” I had almost come up with a new plan when Sarah came through the door with her arms full of groceries. All of the groceries that were on the list. Relief came over me, not that I couldn’t have improvised but it’s nice to have the things to make the perfect dish you’ve been dreaming of for days.

Sarah’s energy was bright…

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