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Initial summer update

June 13, 2015

Hello friends its been a little while, here is a bit of a update 


We had the most wonderful three couch surfers come and stay with us this month! They made us the most wonderful dinner!!


Nicole made us the most wonderful signs for our home!!


It was our dear friend Karl’s last day with us – I love this photo!!

Some of our new House Family Photos!! 

11267197_971602372858445_1933781692876292273_n 11257836_971602429525106_855376273178913613_n 11228500_971602472858435_7497200678943222225_n

We also had a big cleaning day recently! it was so good!

11220845_969921156359900_7413505981663442822_n 11329827_969920516359964_5068924043808576377_n 11269641_969920749693274_99096273534983047_n 11144421_969920623026620_366793747692815856_n

Come over and hang out with us some time friends! 


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