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I am Writing a Book (No Spoilers)

December 15, 2014

As the longest standing member at the House of Commons (by a month) that would make you think that there could be some insightful tidbit or morsel that you could glean from my experience. However I hold no wisdom or scholarly attribute as my founding members before me. Instead all that I can share with you is no great wisdom I found in the bottom of a well or inspirational word that I learned from sitting a feet of some sage counsel but just a story of my journey as to where I am in the house now.
In the core of my soul I have always had a struggle of whether to chase my passions first and then secure a job or vice versa. When it’s written like that it sounds so easy but there are so many voices that were opposing the ideal of chasing those dreams, the greatest of which my own. Yet the populace can confirm my own doubts. In fact if you want an almost guarantee for your doubts to be confirmed then make your life dependant upon the opinions of the populace.
Yet having convinced myself that I was an artist I realized that people are going to hate what they hate and love what they love. My love for what I do, could not be defined by that. Already having claimed to be a writer, the expectational par has gone up. There is a certain quality now as you continue reading this post. Some will draw fault upon the lack of attention to certain grammatical structure while others will notice tense flaws or spelling mistakes and even vocabulary, or lack there of. However because I am an imaginative genius (Yes, that’s me, oh great me), you will not know if I am ignorant or if I am intentionally trying to upset the balance within your mind. It becomes not my wish to bash you, no, your attention to detail is a gift and I even cherish it. You are just an example of how the dependency upon others opinions can throw a person into a mental hurricane. That is exactly what happened and a trip for a little ‘R&R’ became a much needed journey.
It was not my journeys across the world, nay, across Canada that brought me to the discovery of such a realization that on must chase their heart over security, but it sure helped reinforce that idea. An live example I came across was this middle-aged lady who was working out of a basement studio and painting some rather brilliant pieces. One of them, significant in size, taking up four large canvases, was to go up in Charlottetown’s international airport. It was so encouraging for me to see this but what was even more so was that she did it without any formal schooling (What?!?! No!). This is not to say she did not practice or develop her skills for she had the drive to continue to do so. However it gave a comfort to know that school is not mandatory in order to get where you want (Again not a bash on school). Financially, I could not do it. It became an area in my life that I needed to continue to trust God (not to be misunderstood as ignoring the situation).
Going into this journey I thought that the purpose of the trip was to ascertain whether or not I should chase my dreams and whether or not God could be trusted. Rather than reinforcing that idea I realized that what I was going through was not the journey of discovering my passions or dreams, but knowing my identity. It was something God (pfft, so impersonal, will be referred to as my Father) desired to show me all along. To rest in his works and lavish his company, knowing that no matter what situation that comes with his strength (which is now our own) we can look at it with joy (What does that even mean?!? Flippin’ Christianese!!). It means that Dad did it all, meaning that there is no partial or full action required. There is so much freedom in knowing that the work of Jesus is everlasting and there is nothing we need to do or can do to change his love for us. You need but only rest in him and receive his truth for you.
My joy came from knowing my identity in what he says about me. It freed me from the dependency of the opinions of others and I realized that it is but his opinion alone that matters. I need not listen to what others say unless it adheres to and reinforces what my Father says about me.
What more can I say other to encourage to find the same; not in your job, friends or abilities but through the very words that God speaks and defines you.
The journey remains unending as I continue to receive and discover what Dad has for me. Currently that keeps me in Bowness where I get to share my story through my creative means. For now I bid thee adieu and look forward to our encounters.

On behalf of the House of Commons your Bownesian Member of Parliament,

Mike Zelmer

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