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Here is an update brought to you by Sarah

December 2, 2014

There are only a few more weeks left till 2014 is over and 2015 begins!

One of things things I hear most commonly from people is “I don’t Know how you do it” – living in community that is. Or people saying “its amazing what you guys are doing”. For me just what we do, we all go to work have our social lives, invite people to our home, share meals and good times with people. It’s not always the easiest but that is what family is about right? Loving each other in our dark moments and rejoicing in the good times – continuing to figure out what it looks like to live in community.

As you probably have heard many times now, we looking for new people to join this community. To learn from one another and build friendships.

Here are some moments of the past few months

Our New tradition of brunch after weddings!!! This was our brunch after Clement and Jolene’s wedding!!


We went on a house retreat to  Golden, just the 4 of us out there in the mountains spending time together eating pizza having conversations – singing songs and going to the bargain store every day! On the third day a lady was wondering what we were doing and if we had seen other parts of Golden 🙂 After Golden we hit up Invermere and radium hot springs before making our trek home through the mountains in the snow (not the most relaxing drive i have ever had) IMG_0523 IMG_0527 IMG_0529

A Few weeks ago now we had a house concert with Sea legs and The Carlines – both band put on a great show!! It was a grand ol time

IMG_0572 IMG_0568

Most recently Alessa Came over and we put up the tree, decorated, made snow flakes, ate cookies and watched elf of course!! IMG_0604

Last week Paul wrote some lovely words to share with you all…

“Hey friends. Paul here. The fully shorn one up there in our brand new cover photo. The one on the right. If you’ve been through our doors in the last 3 years, you’ll likely have seen me and had varying degrees of interaction with me. I am one of the 4. The 4 that currently make up the House Of Commons. Over the years, our little community has been as large as 12, and has fluctuated back and forth in number, as people have come and gone. Each person has expressed something priceless and irreplaceable and have shaped the heart of our home and the heart of the neighbourhood in which we live in ways that only unique personalities can. Then, as sure as their desires moved them to us, they also moved them from us. Although never too far. As one fortunate enough to observe the ebb and flow of our community as well as others, and seeing different hearts expressed at different times for different seasons, in a myriad of ways, 2 things always hold true. Firstly, change is constant, and secondly, God is always doing a new thing. How do I know? Because every face that enters our home, whether they stay for a couple hours or several years is a herald of something New. One new heart… endless opportunities for new expressions. New communities. We are His image after all. To be aware of this constant Invitation is to see purpose in every coming… or going. With every change, there comes the opportunity to see. To dream. To let go. To re-imagine. To discover. To fill wineskins with new wine. If you try to define a new thing by old rules (even if those rules were good ones), you’ll quickly find that the old rules don’t really work anymore. They may have worked for a time, but they’ve been superseded by Life. That’s the thing about rules. They’re static. Confined to a time and place. Love is timeless and can’t be adequetely described in “do’s and don’ts”. But it can be described as a Person. A Relationship. You, me, us, them. To hold to the old causes us to be blind to the new. And so, a redefinition is always taking place, both personally, and collectively. Glory to glory. And it is in the midst of this, that the 4 of us currently find ourselves. New dreams, new expressions. Our collective is different than it once was. So is our neighbourhood and the people who make it. That’s far from a bad thing. I’ll now make an invitation of my own. Come and be a part of the New with us. We’ll drink it in and be merry. Just don’t expect it to look the same.”

Thanks Friends I pray that this month of December is good for you guys! Come and Visit us!!!


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