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Embrace The Camera

January 27, 2012

So, I’m starting this new thing that some other people do (I am articulate) called “Embrace The Camera.” I’M NOT A HIPSTER, DO NOT JUDGE ME. My friend Kait, adoption enthusiast, does it on her blog and because I aspire to be like her in every way possible I decided that the House of Commons is going to do it too. The sentiment comes from this person, and the concept is basically as follows :

“I wanted to make sure I was a part of those memories.

So, Embrace the Camera was born.

Each week, I am intentional about turning the camera around on myself, to get in the shot.
It doesn’t have to be on a day that I look good.  I don’t need make-up on.  I can even be wearing my sweats that I love so much.  It doesn’t need to be with a good camera.  It just needs to be me, with all of my kids, one of my kids, my husband, or someone else who may be near and dear to my heart.

One day, we won’t be around.”

Well, that’s certainly true enough. It’s even true that probably sooner than we’d like, those of us that live in the house currently and the people who visit us won’t be here, together, in the same way again. That’s part of community, I guess. It shifts and changes. It’s fluid. People come and go, always. There’s just that little window in time where you get to be together. I try to pretend like that’s not true all of the time because I’m a realist. And by realist, I mean the exact opposite of whatever that means.

Check back every thursday! I promise to be faithful, I promise to be true.

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