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Destination Unknown

January 4, 2012

Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Soho.

Whew. It’s almost been a month since this  was last updated! WHAT HAVE Y’ALL BEEN UP TO?!?!?!

As for me, I was doing a bit of this.


I thought it would never end. I thought I would die. Even after I’d dropped the ring in Mount Doom, I said to Sam, “I don’t think there’s going to be a return journey.” I knew I’d never see the Shire again.

Ha, kidding. But seriously, that was the semester straight from hades.THANK YOU SAIT POLYTECHNIC.

Anyway, is it just me or is it Sharing Time? Let’s talk about what everyone did over the holidays! Yay!

Actually, I don’t really know what everyone did over the holidays. I asked them to write a thing up to say what they did, but they all took too long, so I’m just going to attempt to write it myself and we can see if it sounds authentic or completely crackpot. Or authentically crackpot.


Alessa got together with her family and also fraternized with her boyfriend Colton. She ate pancakes on Christmas morning. These pancakes were delivered to her by a baby unicorn. Then a wood nymph serenaded her while she ate them. Then she exchanged presents with her family, and also with Colton, although not all at the same time. Alessa had a really nice Christmas and enjoyed herself very much.


Yeah, I made that up. (Surprise….) I haven’t heard one word from Alessa as regards to her Christmas. Am I a bad friend? Am I so self-involved that I couldn’t take two seconds from my unemployed schedule to ask Alessa what she did on her Christmas break? Well, not to point fingers, but that does seem to be the case.

BUT, on the other hand, she hasn’t said that she DIDN’T have a good time, so….you know. That could very well all be true, or at least 50% of it.

Back to the problem at hand : I don’t have the imagination or attention span to make up a story for everyone’s Christmas, so I’m just going to leave you with that and “crack on”, as Robert Downey Jr. says in the new Sherlock Holmes movie. That Robert Downey Jr. So hot right now.


Dinners continue on in precisely the same manner and effect as they did before. So come on out! Or, continue to keep coming, if you please. Thursdays at 7.

Very soon, we plan to have some sort of “learning activity” follow some of these dinners. As to what these learning activities will entail, well, you’ll know when I do. It’s Lee’s brainchild. Really, what ISN’T Lee’s brainchild?

ZACHARY LUCKY will be playing this Saturday, January 7th, at 7 pm. I don’t think I need to tell you how awesome he is, even though I kind of just did. Bring a $5-10 donation. If you are in need of valet parking, I’m sure we can accommodate that.

NEXT MONTH we are having a rap artist (not my cousin) named TRANSIT play. Something definitely new for us, but I think (and so does everyone else) that it’s going to be awwwwesoooome. I plan to dance spastically, but in a non-threatening and encouraging way. Dates to be announced soon.

Until we meet again, Happy New Year’s from the House of Commons! May the year 2012 be so…great. I would say more, but Hallmark has already said it all for us.

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